27 layers of photoshop fitness models

Sidney Wilson fitness article

It goes without saying there are loads of pics out there of models who do not look like that in real life.

You don’t have to be a photoshop hero to pull it off these days.

Just pull up the app store on your phone, do a little searching and presto change-o – you’ve got a handy little 99 cent app that will make you look amazing.

These apps are cool, but most of the pics on social are people who look like they are either auditioning for a Disney movie or a zombie flick…

All joking a side – It doesn’t matter what neato app you downloaded to alter reality.

Digital embellishments can only do so much. People are wise to these childish games. Soon enough it will not be the fun fad that it is, was, whatever.

People crave reality once the veil of fakery has run its course, it gets old and everyone knows that ain’t you.

But why do you do it? Why is it so hard to fight the urge to use that flower crown filter, the doe eyed furry animal… (I think it’s a deer?), except the zombie filter – zombies are cool!

Usually, the need to play around with these “mental game” apps is a deeper desire to want something missing in your life.

You’re on the hunt for something, something – more.

Wanting more out of life generally covers the description, that is fueled by one or more emotions like:

Boredom, Low Self Esteem, the Sluggish feeling you get by eating crappy food, feeling sick from all the alcoholic poisons you’ve poured down your throat.

Your body is begging for a detox.

Both a physical and mental detox.

You can’t cover it up even if you use more than 27 layers of photoshop, JUST – NOT – GONNA – HAPPEN.

So what’s the point of using all the picture filters, RIGHT? So let’s start you off with a commitment to yourself in a few easy steps. First, get on your social accounts and turn off all the notifications in your news feed that irritate you, make you mad, make you angry and make you plain ol’ bitchy. Unfollow all the negative Nancies out there. Say “no more” to the negative triggers.

Your mood will thank you in the end. We both know that how you what you read right away will set the pace for the rest of the day. All it takes is one random post to throw you off your game.

Next, increase your daily water consumption to at least a gallon a day. Stick to it, don’t whine about it, you’re an adult. This will give your body the stuff it needs to flush out all the nasties in your system.

Eat at least two servings of veggies with every meal. Skip the carbs, cuz you know exactly where they end up. A palm sized piece of protein, chicken or fish is better than red meat, PLUS your body can digest it easier.

Say no thank you to the dairy unless you like playing the butt trumpet… (lol)

Lastly, and most importantly if I say so myself; Get a personal fitness trainer who offers an online training program like I offer.

BTW, I’m done telling people to find themselves an online trainer since my program is better and works. Real results for real people. For everyone else who wants Photoshop results, they can go and get Photoshop training at Fiverr.

Live More 90Day Online Fitness Training with yours truly is what you need and will cost you a whole lot of less stress than trying to take the perfect pic. Sign up, train, take your selfie, post, done – No filters required in your future.

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Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson