Why men don’t care about DDs

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Ever wonder why men stare?
They aren’t even slick about it either. 
Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…
It ain’t your Designer Duds. 
I know it’s a shocker – lol
But men just don’t care about YSL, Fendi, or them new ‘Jimmy’ Choo Choo’s you got for half off. 
They don’t care one bit. 
Neither should you. 
Let me peel back the cave man thought process for you
…and gents- you’re just as guilty, eye balling those new Nikes. 
Designers are only out for one thing, your money. They don’t care about you at all. They sure don’t care if they have to seduce you into believing men will fall over themselves when you slip them on.
Trying to tell you they’re ‘Power Pumps’… GTFOHWTBS! 
No one can deny a fine dressed woman will get a guys attention. 
But – Have you ever REALLY thought about what a man does once he looks past your designer clothes in under 2 seconds?
Their eyes will automatically scan right up to your calves, legs, butt, hips, waist and up we go. No mystery here. 
What’s happening is the cave man part of the brain is kicking in. I like to call those parts of the brain the ‘money maker motivator’ parts. 
Even if they like what they see, their peripheral vision is scanning for the next woman. It’s just a fact of life. 
How this affects you is understanding that, even if you are dressed to the 9s, you’re seconds away from being forgotten. 
This happens at work too. 
You can grab the attention of the room, briefly. 
Then, the scanning begins. 
How you get their eyes locked onto you like a horse with blinders on, starts with your body. 
I’m sure I’ll get plenty of grief for speaking the truth, but that’s what happens when you have the balls to say what’s really going on. 
You’ll get passed up for promotions, opportunities and yes you’ll make less money. 
You’re already spending ridiculous amounts of money on things that aren’t going to move your life forward. Like a drunk pirate, handing off way too much of your hard-earned treasure for another round of designer rum. 
Listen, if you want to grab what’s yours, get paid what you’re worth (or more) then you better get your body in check. Not just for looks either. Think about it. When you start gaining momentum, the demands on your body go up as well. You’ll need the energy of two people to keep up and be able to stash away the extra bounty. 
Investing in your body and your health can bring in the dough even if you’re covered in a bucket of mud. 
Everyone else is looking through your designer duds, and so should you. 
Online training is in full swing with those who have already joined for less than the price of a Chanel Clutch that ain’t gonna make your ass-ets look any better. 
I’ve got what you need with a Double Dose of fitness and nutrition. 90Days is all you need – Shopping Season for your employers starts in just a few weeks! Grab your Lady Balls, put the ‘Jimmy’ down and hop on the fast results train. 
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson

Don’t be shy, get un-comfortable girl

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Today we are gonna talk about your favorite subject, Instagram OR how my clients call it – Insta-sluting.
*Tongue in cheek of course :)*
Insta has done a lot for my business and a bunch of my clients as well. 
If you’re on my list of email subscribers, there’s a good chance you found me from one of my IG posts. 
Early on, in my Insta-hunk days, I posted lots of videos of myself doing what I still do now. 
Showing you how to get that model body you were born with – plus, I loooved the attention. 
As time went on, I changed the posts to show how my clients are making changes in their bodies instead of just myself. 
The results were AMAZING!
Not just in the engagement on social, but the transformations they were getting because of the videos. 
They pushed harder, became more focused, watching their form, with an unstoppable determination showing on their faces. 
It’s funny how we get serious when we know the world is watching. 
All because they were shy at first, but they got un-comfortable. 
What I’m getting at in saying un-comfortable is how it pushes away all the myths and traditional ways of what you believe by introducing a different ‘fast results’ focused approach, that’s not necessarily what you already know or are comfy with. 
When you get too comfortable, change, growth, activity, slows down to a snail’s pace. 
I got comfortable with my Insta…
And it’s time for yours truly to get un-comfortable and show the world how it’s done. 
I’ll be posting more pics and videos of myself for everyone to feast their eyes on the Dark Knight of Fitness.
All so you too can get a front seat on how I practice what I teach, but…
Reply to this email and ask me anything.
Tell me what exercises you’d like to see more of. 
Is there a specific “problem area” you’d like to take care of? 
Holla at me!
I’ll take to top requests and post about it.
If you’re like me and use The Instagrams for business or to stay connected with your crowd, don’t be shy, show your followers more of who you are behind the scenes. 
This applies whether you’re a fitpro, model, writer, plumber, whatever. 
DON’T be fake, just be you and the shyness will go away – it’s all in your head anyway. 
Share your story. The journey of life. 
Smile, be happy and get that pretty money maker the gift of health & fitness with the Live More 90Day Online Training program. 
Here’s the link, you know what to do. 
Get UN-Comfortable, Click-ity Click, Start Working Out Today and Post Up!
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson

Lined up like cattle, off to the slaughter

Sidney Wilson fitness article

In the coming weeks, ranchers will start going through their herds in anticipation of the end of summer.

Preparations have already started, getting ready for the ‘Changing of the Venues’.

Cattle are brought out of their work pens, lining them up for inspection.

It’s a fast and brutal process.

Producers are spared, writing down their digits for future reference.

The ones that are deemed unfit, are dismissed – sent off to slaughter.

But… They aren’t out of the woods yet.

The ones that made the first cut are lined up again.

This time, looking for the prized Belle of the Ball.

Sure, there will be runner-ups in case the winner is busy with her duties.

Off to photo shoots, on set for commercials, sponsorships, opportunity on top of opportunity – even quoted to boost sales.

Pampered more than a new born baby, they will want for little, everything is done for them and given to them.

Like they say in the dairy biz, “Great cheese comes from happy cows”.

They know happiness produces an unbeatable product no matter how you dress it up.

Happiness breeds confidence and leads to an iconic presence in prized spokes… well, cow.

You’re not a cow, but the business you’re in, you’re going to get dismissed unless…

You’re ready!

You can already feel the change in the air.

Fall brings the most celebrated day of the year, Halloween with NYE right on its’ heels – flooding the industry with opportunities and MONEY.

Jump the line and make your way to the front by getting started right NOW! Prepare yourself to get your fair share of fresh cheddar, with the fitness training you need to win that coveted prize. It’s a lot easier to WIN when you feel happy, confident and looking like the money you should be making. Get that Money Maker ready for inspection and whip past the finish line of New Years, with my 90 Day Online Training Program right here www.sidneywilson.com

Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson


Forgive me Sidney for I have sinned…

Sidney Wilson fitness article

You shouldn’t have done that

You definately know better

With all that ANY adult would disapprove of it

You don’t need my forgiveness

No need to pour out your soul to a high priest of some moral order, confessing your sins

Nor should you seek it from him, her, them – anyone

Forgiveness can only come from deep inside you if it’s going to stick

Lifting up you head 

Remembering who really are 

Grabbing your ballz – or Lady Ballz and sack up!

It’s not going to be quick

…and there will always be toxic negative people trying to bring it all back up to the top

Making it feel damn near impossible to move on

Moving in the direction you’ve long dreamt about

Move past the toxic ones

Not slowly either – Move and dismiss toxic people from your life with a quick ferocity

Yes, some are family or even kids that you can’t walk away from

But you, my fine friend, are the one in control of who you stand in front of

You are the one in control of who you listen to


Deciding to allow that kind of language to enter your ear holes

In control of what you let your eyes speak back into your mind with flakebook

Remove, Dismiss and Forgive yourself for whatever that evil thing that’s left it’s scar on you

Take control, free of another’s permission – grab a hold of it!

AND you should replace the “toxics” with someone who gets it, someone who has gone through some shyt too

You know who they are, they can be trusted – but…

When was the last time you’ve been around them, spoke to them 

Really talk WITH them, not some BS “I’m a bad friend” text, shorter than what you’d send to the pizza guy asking for directions

Get With It!  Show up for them, Show up for you

Still feel guilty? GOOD!  This is you FUEL

The FUEL that will drive your need to take control, and MOVE.

Use that pain, guilt, loss, SHAME into movement

Move those legs, move that arse off the couch, dismiss that pitty

The white knight ain’t comin’ princess…  I’m talking to YOU too ladies!

You need your group, your tribe, the clan of people that will be there and show up with you

The Dark Knight is always right were you saw me last

In the gym, on your phone, with “your peeps” GETTING IT IN

Right here, waiting, with the door open, ready for you to walk in

Without having to ask for permission or forgiveness

NOW that you’ve shed that dead skin film of toxicity, MOVE IT on over to the place where you’re going to be welcomed, appreciated and challenged to be the best damn YOU can be right here – www.SidneyWilson.com

Sidney “Sid” Wilson

Needier than a baker at 3AM

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Guys just don’t get, most of the time

Women do this and it holds them back

It has everything to do with your confidence

When I was younger I was a hopelessly lost cause (or so I thought) when it cam to the dating department

A sloppy sack of submissiveness

Always cowering down to acquiesce every request from both men and unfortunately women

Trying to get everyone to like me

Especially trying to get the attention of the ladies

Which any female will tell you it’s the number one turn off

One day, I can’t even remember what did it, I just didn’t care anymore

I went about my business, getting things done, learning about things that I should have pay attention to for a better life.

I got into working out, hitting the gym with a focus of a mad scientist

Over time, the ladies started to notice – and I still didn’t care

Keeping my focus and staying consistent… mostly because I didn’t believe them girls were really interested anyway

Day by Day, workout to workout, meal by meal, gallon of water to gallon of water, nothing was going to get my attention other than my mission

A mission of me, my goals, not theirs

Little by little, someone got my attention, not by much but, I did say hi

Then came a smile, a while later even a decent conversation – still I didn’t care much, I was being “nice”

…and it drove her nutz!

She couldn’t get herself to just let me get my workouts in.

Needing that dough like a baker at 3AM getting the bread ready

Kind of a nag really, but she was friendly and I liked her way of lighting up when she saw me

I’m really not a dyck, I’m a pretty humble guy and I genuinely like people

No point in painting a picture like I’m not a man, she was fine as hell

But man, did she come across as needy, kind of sad

One day she said something I used to say when I was just as needy

It rattled my brain for a bit – she was just like how I had been, a sad sack

With all that she was an 11, I wasn’t into her that way

I decided to let my guard down and be more friendly

We talked about life, training, family friend and eventually relationships

All in attempt to help her be independent of what I thought of her

On she went chipping away at my, I don’t care armor

As smart as she was, she taught me a few thing by pointing out how she looked at things from a different view point

Intelligent conversations always gets me engaged

Some I agreed with, others not so much

I voiced my option on a topic and she did NOT like it at all

She went full monster on me, attacking me with fresh new words

It was nothing personal, it wasn’t even directed towards her

I felt bad and tried to explain myself in a desperate attempt to win her favor and not loose a new friendship

Boy was I wrong

I went right back to being needy

The very thing I was trying to help her overcome

Trying to get her to like me again

It wasn’t a bad thing

I should have know better, I did know better

I didn’t need her approval, nor did I set out looking for her approval that

I’m a good person

I love myself

I love being fit

I definitely love the results of my dedication it’s had on me, my body and inspire other people to love themselves

Unfortunately in life you will at some point feel the needy creep back up, to get approval from others that what you are is GOOD

You’re wired that way by design – social in nature

To walk out of the bakery, you have to do the opposite

The less needy you are, the less you care about what other people think, the less you resist people trying to make you into what they think you should be

The more you are independent, the more what people think will roll off your shoulder, the more people will accept you how you are

It takes confidence in yourself to get there, taking action for yourself

Getting yourself to commit to a simple schedule of “my time” is the only way to do this

Take time for yourself and plan to give yourself time

Time for yourself, your mind, your body

You’ll probably complain about working out in the beginning, shedding the excuses that will stop you from getting in a good work out

Stay focused.

Show up for yourself, show up for a good workout

Sweating away the neediness that’s holding you back

To give that neediness double the sweat, join the online training I offer and grab a hold of your independence through confidence here www.sidneywilson.com

Sidney “Sid” Wilson

The bored man’s work-it-outside

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Friday’s always make me want to just skip it

It’s the start of the work week for some

It’s the last day of the work week for this guy (meaning me)

Even if it’s the “work weekend”, I don’t switch off, thinking about carving a little bit off here

Toning up some more there – always on your mind, looking for that extra edge

You know that edge to get a little more out of, just hitting the gym, again

It’ll eventually happen to you, if it hasn’t already, gym burn out

The key is to not fight it, forcing yourself to drag your whiny butt back in there

Respect it, that desire for a subtle change, for what it is

It’s melon collie. Ok maybe not that bad and closer to boredom

You’re going to crave mental stimulation of a different sort from time to time

And as much as you’d love to start flippin through the flakebook, ogling the Instagrams – resist!

Don’t do it, it’s always a bottomless pit that will fuel your boredom

Sure, it’s good for a quick hit to the humor vein like a dopamine buzz of distraction but it will ware off just as fast as you get that visual high

Remember what you were told as a kid “go outside and play”

That’s the edge – work-it-outside

There’s no magically guru wisdom in that statement and I can tell you, that’s what you subconsciously want to do when you’re bored

So skip the gym, yes I said it, take a day off from the machines and focus on your noodle

Hit the trails off the beaten path and hike up that hill

Oh, you thought I was going to give you a pass on working out? Nope!

If it ain’t your off day, hit the bricks with them sneaks and get it in

– just not indoors –

Grab that bike and dust it off, drive down to the state park and jump off a cliff – jk

Jump in the lake or the pool in your buddy’s back yard, they barely use it anyway… just be sure to get permission first.

Get far from the busy crazy lights, constant cycle of money machines and modern technology to have some simple fun being you and keep it moving!

Suck in some of that, it’s not city air

Get to the top of mount, look around and take it all in

Before you know it, ya ain’t so bored anymore

Your mind will thank you for it

You might just find yourself smiling again

When you get back from playing your version of Dora Da Explora, do the typewriter’s dance and sign up for Online Training to keep your body game at its best when it’s not at rest – Here www.sidneywilson.com

Sidney Wilson

Tea bagging at starbucks

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Every time I hit the Starbucks

I see it first hand,




Girls lunging over the counter to get their daily fix, all creamed up

The GRANDE triple stevia, non-fat latte espress-a-chino with “just” a dip of whip on top

Might as well have grabbed a samich at Carl’s and fatty fat sticks – DAMN GIRL!

But who am I to say NO to a good caffeine bump?

When the day drags on, a little buzz boost goes a long way – especially when you’re getting the day started

You don’t have to go for the 8 dollar corporate cool-aid either

*I always get a kick out of my clients when some brugh walks up asking what they ordered and they answer*

“I tea bag it!”

I think they have way too much fun with it… lol


Green Tea has more than enough caffeine in it to do the job

Plus you’ll make you’re insides happy with the natural metabolic burn benefits in green tea

You won’t feel as bloated

Or that heaviness you can feel all the way down to your ankles

Then there’s that whole dairy IBS thing you’ll get to skip

…tip toeing to find a quiet spot, whispering those not-so-sweet nothings 🙂

When you need more of a punch, you can make it stronger by squeezing the bags, dunk it, and squeeze again

The darker the tea, the stronger it gets

Rinse, repeat until you got it just right

It’s a nudge in the right direction by adding to your day instead of thinking, what do I take away today?

A daily ADD of the right stuff

The stuff your body REALLY wants

Let your insides do the talking, not the hips

One step at a time, adding to each day

Add a brisk walk, or some squats if that’s your focus

You’ll feel the difference faster than you’d guess

Saving some mullah from the green machine while you’re at it

Use that extra cash to bank on a better body instead

Jump the line and get your daily workouts set to a plan, focused on how you want your body to look, and ADD my Online Training – Checkout here www.SidneyWilson.com

Sidney “Sid” Wilson

Sexy doesn’t count, she never has…

Sidney Wilson fitness article

You’ve probably seen my last few posts on my Instagrams

If you haven’t, oh well your loss – lol

In my last few posts, you can see me pushing her when

She feels like there is NO MORE GAS IN THE TANK

Yet – with some encouragement, a verbal hip check

She keeps going, getting it done

Past all the reasons she used to have

Past the Soreness

Past the Aches

Past the Tired

Past the Sweat

Past the Old Excuses

Past the Arse-holios who said she couldn’t do it

And she does it every single time

*Insert your best – I hate you right now – look*

All because she knows what you REALLY know about looking sexy…

Sexy Doesn’t Count

You don’t count the Timer on the treadmill

You don’t count the Days on the calendar

You don’t count Down the reps

You don’t do the math when you STAND ON THE SCALE

You don’t count the LIES you’re mind loves to make up for you

You don’t count the TIME on that nice designer Watch…

…that Watch, ain’t gonna make your butt look any better

You don’t count the number of BAD past Relationships

Pass it all up, cuz it ain’t TODAY, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE

Living in your moment, your life, your body

You Know It’s True – Sexy… She doesn’t count

What you can count on is getting it in, because you’ve got me in your pocket

On your phone, with Online Training making it happen

Oh?!? You’re not signed up with yours truly?

Well, you can can count on this too – Right Now, Join any of my online programs, even pick the Online Brazilian Butt Program and I’ll be at your fingertips along the way.

Join, Checkout, and forward me your receipt – I’ll take care of the rest & Get You Going

Don’t linger on it like them stinky gym socks either

There are only so many spots I can accept since THIS does count – Giving you what you haven’t gotten before, what you need, with the body you we’re born with.

Whip it all up right here – www.sidneywilson.com

Sidney Wilson

Drinking on the job fitness

Sidney Wilson fitness article

It goes without saying, you shouldn’t be drinking on the job

But, let’s get real about the business you’re in

You’re going to find yourself in this situation

If not everyday, eventually you will

I’m definitely not saying you should drink yourself into a coma

Nor am I saying you should become a lush

…and I’m expecting you to be a responsible ADULT

For those times where you choose to partake of said festivities

There are choices you can make that will actually be a health-ier option

NO – You’re not going to be able to drink your way to “Flat Abs In 15 min”

Opting for a glass of Red Vino will do your insides better than

The black syrupy german madness of a crap-shot

Read up on Red Wine

All kinds of benefits are attributed to drinking a glass – Not the whole bottle 😉

This is how I look at it Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, and a ton of other people around the world

Drink wine over other alcohols, usually with a meal, sometimes EVERY meal

So much so, it’s become part of their culture and part of a BETTER diet they stick to

Look at the whole of a region of people that add wine to their diet, when they choose to drink that is…

What do they look like – Are they overly obese as a population?

It will make you think about it at a deeper level for sure

Until then, I will preach on as I always do Drinking should be avoided, especially if you’re super focused on your fitness goals

It will only work against you….. HOWEVER

You’re an adult and ya needs ta cheat a lil’ bit here and dare, right?

To keep your focus, no matter where you are in the world, get signed up like other lovey vino lovers with online fitness training

It’s cheaper than a bad drinking habit – IMO

Get your plan & check-out right here – www.sidneywilson.com

Sidney Wilson

The un-perfect fitness habit

Sidney Wilson fitness article

We all want to strive for perfection when it comes to our diet and reaching our goals.

One thing I’ve learned over the years we are all human and none of us are perfect.

You will make mistakes

You will have slip ups

The reason why I’ve been able to stay in shape year after year, month after month, and day after day isn’t cuz I’m perfect….

It’s the fact that I stay consistent

Consistency beats perfection

Stop beating yourself up over little slip ups

On your diet

Missing a workout

Unless it’s a session with me, then you should feel horrible (lol)

It’s not the end of the world, it’s ok

Don’t make a habit of playing hookey either

Once you splurge and eat out, let’s say a 300 cal splurging

Like your fav’s – In & Out with double every-ting

Don’t let that innocent indiscretion turn into a full blown splurge-a-thon

Shoveling two or three more slip ups in your pie hole, clocking in 2,500 calories

Before it’s all over you’re into a full blown cheat-week

Struggling to lose weight consistently

Underestimating how much food you’re actually inhailing in one sitting.

What I’m trying to say is “It’s OK” to have A slip up

Stay consistent with your diet

Stay consistent your workouts

…and that double double won’t fall back into your naughty little mitts day after day.

You’re impatient,

You strive for perfection,

When you fall off…

You beat yourself up over it

Just remember these words:

“I’m not perfect”

“I will make mistakes”

“I will miss a few meal”

“I will miss a few workouts”

“I will stay consistent with my goals”

There’s a reason why my clients all see amazing results and BADASS transformations.

I’m the little bird on their shoulders reminding them…

You’re not perfect, it’s ok to fall off, just get back up.

If you stay consistent we can get there together.

I’m here to help you stay on track and point you in the right direction.

Follow these directions, get your daily dose of consistency with a program that suits you best here


Sidney Wilson