Directions from a blind fitness trainer

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Do you ever get lost in traffic, take the wrong turn, or get misled by your GPS?

Sticking your phone out the window, trying to get a signal

We’ve all taken at least one or two even three steps in the Wrong Direction

Only to realize you’ve been going in the same direction for years and it’s the wrong way…

It takes only a split second to choose another direction

I’ve put my body through so much to understand what the body REALLY can and can’t do.

Once I was featured in Men’s Health as one of the top fitness trainers / fitness models I got a better understanding of what I’m here to accomplish.

I am here to help each and everyone of you reach your fitness goals.

I’ve put in a lot of blood sweat and tears over the years to understand “How The Body Works.”

You don’t have to go through everything I did, just give me the chance to help you understand how




No two people are alike, so no two programs should be alike.

I simply customize a program that’s right for you. Everything takes steps, but we always start with the basics.

If you can’t get past the basics, how do you move to the next step?

Baby steps…

It’s like being a kid and you want to ride your bike like all the big kids, but you still need those training wheels help you get going.

Keep it simple, don’t over think it

The first thing you always want to find out is

Where am I at right now?

You want to know where you are so you know where you’re going.

Here are a few steps to take…

Step 1. Find out your stats: I’m a female 25 years of age. I weigh 135 and I’m 5’4

Step 2. Set a short term goal: I would like to lose 10-15 lbs

Step 3. Reach out to an expert for help

(Hint: Experts don’t call themselves experts, they look the part, live the part, and everyone else calls them an expert.)

Now listen closely!

When you’re looking for a trainer in your price range and you’re trying to take the “Cheap” inexpensive route, remember

You will get what you pay for.

Cheap to me doesn’t always mean good.

If your trainer can’t give you the results you need

And then you go looking for a another cheap trainer

Then another and


Over time you will be losing a lot of money.

They aren’t focused on you, and flying blind hoping “this will work, this time”

If you’ve gone through this already, you definitely know how crappy it feels.

Don’t be afraid to look him/her up and find out how many miles the have on them… lol (meaning his or her credibility)

The more I know about YOU and YOUR lifestyle the easier it is for me to point You in the right direction or right program that will work best for…

Drumroll please…. You!

Which direction will you choose?

There’s only one right answer – Choose You.

To see for yourself, real people (just like you, or not) – HUMANS, not mutants all roided out, and getting the body they were born with, steer your eyeballs in this direction

Sidney “SID” Wilson

Stress is a good thing

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Being a fly on the gym wall, you get reminded every now and again about what’s important.

Most of life’s seemingly huge problems boil down to stress

Stress brought on by making choices without being good enough to yourself to give yourself enough time to think them through

Listen in on this chat…


Hey how are you?

I’m ok

Haven’t seen you all last week. Everything ok?

Yea, just stress

Stress? Is it work related

No I’m just missing work because I’m stressed out a lot

You know stress is only problems we don’t want to deal with.

Yea you’re so right

What happened if you don’t mind me asking. Obviously there’s something on your mind if you’re missing work and our workouts. It must be really bothering you.

It’s my boyfriend

I’m so sorry to hear that, you guys are not getting along.

I fear he’s going to cheat on me because he’s liking all these fitness model pics on Instagram. I tell him to stop be he does it all the time behind my back.

Now let me ask you this are you training because you want to please him, better yourself or get in shape to look like those girls.

No it’s all for me. I make a lot more money when I’m fit. I just hate it when he’s liking all these girls pictures when he should be more respectful.

I agree, remember you guys are young you’re 21 and he’s 20. Take your time. Build and learn from each other. Sounds like you guys need to talk more and communicate.

Yea I know… thank you for caring and listening

That mutual respect should go both ways. Ask him how would he feel “if I was doing that and you seen me liking all these hot guys bodies with 6 pack abs”. Let him know that it’s bothering you so much that you’re missing work, missing training sessions, and losing money… I’m not cheap

yes you’re so right. Thank you so much you’re like a Health Coach. You took my mind off the problem and I got a good workout in. I need this. I need to do better. I wasn’t even coming in today because I didn’t want to seem bitchy towards you. You’re the best. I couldn’t talk to my other trainer like this. I really appreciate this.

No problem, remember if you fail or fall short you’re making that choice in life. If you want to be successful and do good you have to keep going. Failure the result that you chose… if you chose to fail, if you chose to miss work, if you chose to miss training sessions and not get the body you want, to do what??? Make more money? What are choosing for it to cause failure. So what do you want to choose? Failure or Success

Success wow I never had it broken down to put it to me that way. You’re absolutely right. Honestly, I wasn’t even going to buy more sessions because I was dealing with so many problems and stress, but I don’t want to fail in life.

now you understand it’s more to it then just workout. It’s a choice

omg you’ve made my day. I’m going to pay for more sessions now. You’re worth so much more. Now I see why you love what you do and why your clients love you. serious thank you so much

No Problem, I’m here to help. As long as we are training failure is not an option, it will always be your choice.


Sometimes you just have to be there and listen

Always listen and be there for yourself

When you feel stressed, that’s a good thing – You’re ready to make a choice

Then get you buttz in da gym!

Worst case, you’ll feel better – but who wants that?

You know where to find me

Meet me in the Hotel Room

Sidney Wilson fitness article

I got a voicemail yesterday from a new online client who was interested in signing up, but was kind of skeptical and on the fence about the whole online training thing.

The voicemail went like this “Hey, this message is for Sidney. This is Paula. I found your website online, and I’m very interested in signing up for your online program as I don’t live in vegas unfortunately, otherwise I would love to be in person with you.”

I was very excited to see that my website running smoothly, and inspiring people to reach out.

I just went live with my new website, not even three days prior to this email, so I’m anxious and excited all at the same time.

She went on to say “I see all of your results you give your clients from their profiles online, and it looks like you have amazing results with your clients, my only hesitation with signing up with your online program is that I basically live on the road.”

“I’m doing a lot of traveling right now, and I pretty much live in hotels, so I’m wondering if the customize online workout program and nutrition plan could work for somebody that is literally living out of hotels almost everyday.”

Now I usually have a packed schedule when requests come in, but it was good timing in between sessions and I was able to call her back quickly.

We talked a bit more about her travel and how inconvenient it was to find a hotel with a gym, which gets hectic a lot of times.

One of the things I assured her is that the way my programs are set up, it doesn’t matter if you have a gym or not.

The online programs fit your specific needs, with or without a gym.

I know first hand, everyone is not in the same environment all the time or has the same access to certain equipment.

Here are some cool workouts that you can do without a gym, if you’re at home or on the road traveling.

Plyometrics Squat Jumps
Legs, Glutes, Calves

Bicycle Kicks
Core, Obliques, Abdominals

Isometric Lunges
Hamstring, Calves, Quads

Full Body

Hip Thrusts
Glutes, Hamstrings

High Knees
Cardio, Legs

2 min. Planks
Abs, Core

Mountain Climbers
Cardio, Abs, Shoulders, Core, Triceps

Try 100 reps of these bad boys and see if it doesn’t get your heart pumping.

Can’t do 100 reps? Doesn’t matter, do what you can while giving yourself a push to get closer to that number after a quick break.

That’s not a get out of jail free card to slack off either.

Long story short, she just Joined the bestseller “Live More 90 Online Program” for a full 90 Days. 🙂

I’m looking forward to working with her.

I’m super excited to be apart of her fitness journey and seeing an awesome online transformation from her.

If you’re feeling a bit skeptical, feel free to reach out with any questions – that’s always a good start.

However, if you’re ready to grab that chair by the cushions and make it work for a better body…

Scooch on over to and get it in at a “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn… say whaaaa?”

Sidney Wilson

Juiced up more than OJ

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Veggies, Veggies, and more Veggies

Remember growing up, that’s all we heard was eat yo veggies…

But here’s the reality of being an adult

We are in a constant battle of decisions at every turn throughout the day

Do I do this, or do I do that, and in what order

You have a bunch of things that you gotta get done, with only so much time in the day

I get it – I’m the same way

Between work, family, the new little fur ball we added to our family

(So damn cute of a puppy it makes my cheeks hurt)

I’m always looking for a way to maximize my time

BUT I’m not going to sacrifice my food intake, for ANY reason… EVER

That’s what got me into juicing vegetables

The body needs at least two servings of fresh veggies with each meal

That is if you want to keep your sexy-on (heh) point

With a crazy schedule, sometimes I don’t have it in me to even chew

When it gets that kind-of-a nutty day, I go for the Juice

You can pack in a ton of goodness into a single drink

Next thing you know, you just might find yourself juicing everyday as well

Here’s one of my favs from my personal recipe book

1 Cup of fresh Turmeric root
2 Cups of fresh Ginger root
1 Whole Lemon (minus the peal)
1 Bunch of dark green leafy Kale
4 to 5 Fuji or sweet Apples (cut the seeds out)
1 Whole large Cucumber
1 Whole Lemon (minus the peal)
…and a handful of Cilantro

If you’re sensitive to the kick this tonic delivers, pull back on the Turmeric and Ginger by half

I never really thought of giving it a name other than just calling it The Good Stuff 🙂

To balance it all out with a great workout and match the outside to the inside,

You know what to do ->

Sidney Wilson

Taking advice from a snickers bar

Sidney Wilson fitness article

It’s sad to say I’m seeing a lot of wrong advice being putting out there in fitness industry.

I’m not saying I’m always right, but I’ve proven over time to be pretty darn close.

No one is perfect, but after 20 years of training loads of clients successfully, it gives me a little leeway pointing out what’s just not going to work.

When your trainer is out of shape, it should tell you one or two things:

1. He or she don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

2. He or she is in it only for the money and they still don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

3. He or she does not even care about their own health.

So the chances they are going treat your body the same way they treat theirs is… well, you see what I’m getting at.

If they’re trying to give you advice on fitness but they’re not taking their own advice, why would you even listen to them?

Remember the saying, practice what you preach?

Nike and Under Armor or the leading brands in fitness.

Their logos and brands speak for themselves.

Nike says “Just Do It” – and a chubby trainer just isn’t doing anything.

Under Armor… well to me, a chubby trainer wearing Under Armor, with a half melted snickers bar on their t-shirt, is more on the lines of “fake armor” underneath it all – lol

Look, I don’t even care if they’re your friend and they’re giving you free fitness advice or free workouts.

Something should tell you that since they are not living the lifestyle you want to live…

You’re not going to get the results you’re looking for.

Be real with yourself and make an investment in learning what’s going to work for you, not someone else.

Even if you can’t afford a good trainer, save up, stop spending money on unnecessary things (like that new phone you know isn’t that much different than what you already have now) and get your life together.

We all have fitness goals.

We all have health needs, and we all can do better.

Decide to choose better options for yourself, in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Seek out someone you want to look like, who has put in the work and the time in themselves.

You’re odds of getting better advice just increased.

If you’re looking for a professional fitness trainer, find someone who focuses on the basics and understands it takes time to get from point A to point B.

Someone who will teach you the principles and fundamentals to get the shape you’re looking for, and keep it.

If you’re looking to get the knowledge and training you need quicker, either one on one, or remotely with online training then you should immediately go to and Join now.

Sidney Wilson

Ate my weight to fat

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Just recently I took on a new client who was very stressed out about the way she looked.

I kindly asked her “what got you to come in and start this fitness journey with me?”

She said “With my brother passing away and my customers at work stressing me out, I ate my weight to fat”

This is a very important and personal issue that needed to be addressed.

She said she *literally* was so stressed out she ate her weight to fat.

A lot of times we as people will eat our feelings.

You ever heard the words I’m an emotional eater and I can’t lose weight or diet?

This is very common, no matter where your from.

It’s like we know our weakness and we just give in to it through food.

It’s a depressing stage in our life that hits us at a deep level

…and it’s very hard to get out of it or even notice it.

Time and time again I hear people say “I don’t own a scale” or “I don’t have any mirrors in my house.”

Sad to say, and I believe that is a sign of depression or feeling unhappy with oneself to the point that you don’t even want to look at yourself.

These are some of the things we should point out to ourselves and recognize in life.

If you see this happening to other people in your life, friends/Family you should definitely point it out to them or

Point them in the direction of someone who can truly help them get back to being them.

Getting a trainer, who can be more than just an exercise junkie is a great start.

You’ve go nothing to loose, except the weight.

She was sent my way – (I know this Guy)

He’s pretty good at helping people feel better about themselves by the way…

Hey, what are friends for…lol

I have a program that has helped many people online and in person.

It’s called “Feel Better”

Everyone wants to feel better about themselves.

I’m glad to say this is the same program she purchased on my website and she is doing GREAT.

Here’s her comments and true words about the program.

“You’re more than just a trainer. This has helped me out so much Sid, you have know idea. You’re a lifesaver. Thank you.”

That’s what I do with my clients – be more than just a trainer.

Go to to Join “Feel Better” and get started on the skinny.

Sidney Wilson

Is “Low Fat” the Answer?

Sidney Wilson fitness article

When the low fat diet trend first burst onto the scene, many people thought it was the answer to all of their weight loss problems.  Grocery stores began filling shelves with low fat and fat free items. However, many of these fat free products have been filled with sugar and/or salt to replace the flavor lost when the fat was removed. Regardless of what you’re eating, it comes down to if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.  Even from seemingly “safe” foods like fat free items.
Choose real foods versus manufactured “low fat” or “fat free” items. Vegetables and fruits are always a better choice instead of “fat free” potato chips. They have no redeeming value! Steer clear of items such as dairy foods (whole milk, ice cream, creams) fatty red meats & processed meats such as salami, sausage & hot dogs, cheese and egg yolks. There are many more healthier items to fill your plate and body with that will have you both feeling and looking better! Try fruits & vegetables, fish & shellfish, cereals, rice & pasta. When eating out, avoid catch phrases such as battered, creamed, au gratin, scalloped, breaded.
Good terms include au jus, poached, steamed, baked, etc. At home, experiment with grilling & broiling and using different spices to flavor food instead of fats.  Another culprit is salad dressing. A salad always sounds like a “safe” bet. Until you ladle on globs of full fat dressings. A typical 2-tablespoon serving contains 145 calories and 15 g of fat. Ninety-four percent of those calories come from fat! Chose a low fat dressing, or keep it even simpler with a splash of flavored vinegar or lemon juice.
However, caloric value of any diet is the single most important factor for weight loss. A gram of fat contains more than twice as many calories as a gram of protein or carbohydrate.  It’s easy to see why a low fat diet is good for weight loss. A little less fat means a lot less calories. Plus the fact that most people eat far more fat than is good for their waistline or their health.  If you reduce your calorie intake by 300 calories a day and increase your activity to burn 200 extra calories per day, you can expect a steady weight loss of approximately one pound per week.
In addition to helping you lose weight by using calories on more filling foods, following a low-fat diet can help you ward off serious medical conditions, including heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

What Burns More Fat

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Days on the treadmill.  Hours jogging. Night after night on the elliptical. Will these forms of cardio really get you to where you want to be with your body? One of the first ways people feel they can lose weight to is go to the gym and spend an hour on that treadmill or elliptical for an hour, or even more. This is one of the biggest myths about losing weight there is.  Cardio can help you burn fat, when used effectively. However, when used improperly, it can actually make you lose muscle, slow down your metabolism, and make your weight loss hit a major plateau. Not what you want when you’re spending an hour on a machine expecting results!
Your body is amazing. It adapts to any kind of new stress that you put on it. Great, except when it starts to adapt to all the cardio. The more you do, the more efficient your body will become at it. That first day on the treadmill, you’ll probably struggle to get through the hour. But as weeks & months pass it will become easier than those initial days.
Well, you may say, good, right? That’s what you’re going for. To get into better shape & burn more calories. So what’s the catch? Remember how amazingly adaptable your body is? It will adapt to the cardio and become more efficient at it. Resulting in? Your body won’t need to use as many calories as it initially did to preform that cardio work out. Where does that leave you? Still doing an hour on the treadmill. Or elliptical. Or even jogging.  But not burning as many calories as you think! Also, by becoming more efficient at cardio, your body will become smaller. Great? Well. Not so fast! This could also mean that you’re losing some body fat along with lean muscle mass.
You may ask, WHY that would be an issue? After all, you’re still burning calories and becoming “smaller”. However, having lean muscle mass is the absolute best weapon you will have in the weight loss process. Muscle tissue is very energy demanding, so it uses a lot of calories just to function. If you lose  muscle you slow down the rate that your body uses calories. Cardio is great for weight loss, if used the correct way.
Wait! Don’t jump off that treadmill yet! You NEED cardio! Don’t abandon it, keep it in your exercise routine. Just add strength training. You’ve challenged yourself to walk more, run faster, farther. No challenge your muscles with strength training so they have a reason to keep the muscle you have!
Next, add interval training cardio. What, you ask?  Basically,  you are alternating periods of very high and low intensity. For example, if you are running a track you may sprint for 30 seconds followed by doing a walk for 90 seconds. You repeat this 6-8 times. This takes you way out of your comfort zone and makes your body have to recover afterwards. Recovery takes extra energy.
So, mix it up! Keep your cardio fun! Mix some interval training, same speed cardio and strength training. This is one of the best combinations for weight loss. And a lot less monotonous than day after day on the same treadmill. When exercise is NOT boring, you’re more likely to keep up with it!

How Many Calories do YOU Need?

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Do you know how many your calories you need a day to obtain your fitness goals?  Do you know how many grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat you need?  If not, you are going to have a difficult time reaching your objective.  Whether it is to gain muscle or lose body fat or a combination of both you still need to know how much of each of the macro nutrients you need.

There are 3 ways you can lose weight.  They are dehydration, lean weight loss (muscle) and fat loss.  Obviously the first 2 are not good.  Fat loss is what the majority are looking for or a combination of lean mass increase and fat loss.  This is the optimum situation.

Lean weight loss comes from eating too few calories and/or not eating frequently enough during the course of the day.  Cutting your calories to below your daily activity level will enable you to lose weight.  However if you cut them too much you will shut your metabolism down.  This is your body’s safety feature to prevent starvation.  You can live without food for over a week.  Why is that?  Your body realizes no calories in (or not enough), so your body will hold on to the calories because you are not consuming enough for you body to function properly.  This means you will actually store fat!

When you lose more than 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week then you have lost muscle.  If you lose weight faster it is coming from water or muscle or a combination of both.  This is also why people put weight back on after following a low-calorie diet.  They lose muscle.  Muscle is live tissue and the body’s most metabolically active tissue.  When you lose muscle it slows down your metabolism and you actually burn fewer calories than before!

Cutting calories can also affect you in other ways too.  Less energy from food is used as body heat and turned into fat instead.  This can also suppress the activity of certain thyroid hormones which will slow down your metabolism even more.

The 5 to 6 meals you should be eating a day should include the proper combination of proteins, high starch and fibrous carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  When you combine your carbs with your protein and fat you will actually slow down the digestive system.  This will slow the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream which will prevent the overproduction of insulin.

Don’t try to lean out by dropping your carbs down to an extremely low amount.  When you don’t have enough carbs in your system it is almost impossible to build muscle.  If there is not enough insulin available to transport amino acids (the building blocks of life) into muscle cells the body will break down its own protein into amino acids for fuel.  This means you are using the nutrients your body needs for muscle development as energy.

Your nutrition is up to 80% of the results you will reap from life as well as your exercise program. It is proper nutrition that allows you to avoid mood swings and make the correct decisions. When your body is getting the proper ratio of nutrients it enables you to deal with the day to day stresses of life. If you are unsure as to what your daily caloric intake and the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fat should be based on your personal goals please see a professional. This will save you time and frustration and at the same time enable you to reach your fitness goals.  You will then be able to enjoy life to its fullest!

Do you want some help with your training and nutrition?  Check out my coaching programs on this site that are 100% customized to YOU on my “Coaching” page.

Committed to Excellence,

Sidney Wilson

Target your Fat Loss

Sidney Wilson fitness article

First let me explain the frustrating reality that is fat loss: you don”t get to pick where it comes from and it sometimes it can take a long time!  Everybody”s body is different and that is why a customized approach to YOUR fat loss is very important.

I recommend that you find a favorite article of clothing, perhaps a pair of jeans, suit, etc, to you use as your progress marker.

Since building muscle is part of the equation, and muscle is heavier than fat, often times, when you get started, the number on the scale does not change.  Remember, that you did not put on extra weight overnight, so fat loss takes a bit of time.

Usually, your friends and co-workers (especially people you do not see every single day) will notice a visual change before you do.  If you are following a proper program of diet and exercise, you can estimate an average fat loss of one to two pounds per week.  This is the safe and effective route.

Diets that promise quick results and rapid fat loss usually result in the diet Yo-Yo – you end up gaining more than you had lost.  Keep in mind that I said “fat” loss, not just loss, because that is where the scale becomes tricky, since you are gaining muscle.  So, use an article of clothing as your point of reference, you”ll notice changes in the way it fits as you progress.

Many people often ask how they can target fat loss in a specific area.  It is often misunderstood that target loss is possible.  The fact is, you can”t.  Your body will pick where it wants to start shedding fat.  But keep in mind that fat loss is important because it is like removing the layers of your winter coat.

You can have all the muscle and “shape” in the world, but if you are wearing long underwear, a thick turtleneck, a wool sweater, and a ski jacket, you won”t be able to see it.  So, as you lose fat, you are removing those layers until all you have is a layer of skin on Please keep this in mind when shopping on the Hawaii health exchange. muscle.

As with any weight loss program, cardiovascular exercise needs to be supplemented with a resistance training program.  Since using muscle burns calories and fat does not, the more muscle you have, the better your metabolism.

This basically means that you will be burning more calories throughout your day, not just when you are working out.

Of course, exercise only tackles half of the weight loss equation, so keeping track of your eating is important, too.  The most successful dieters who keep the weight off always start with writing down the foods they eat.

It is recommended that you log anything you swallow so you can keep a more accurate calculation of exactly how many calories per day you are consuming.

Most people are surprised with how much they are really eating without realizing it!  Each person”s individual caloric needs are unique, but a good rule of thumb is to allow about 1500 calories per day (always check with your doctor!)

Remember, it”s never too late to make a difference in your life!  Keep plugging away every day, stay focused and patient, and you will get results.

The best way to lose fat is to work directly with a trusted fitness professional that can guide you every inch of the way.  If you would like some help with your fat loss, body shaping and fitness in general please check out my customized fitness coaching programs available at