Pinch the Inch.  Drop the pounds.
90 Days for your model body.

Stay in control with Celebrity Fitness
Trainer Sidney Wilson’s Online Training

You’ve tried other programs with okay results. Trainers who are more interested in everything else except YOU.  It’s hard enough keeping it all together with a busy schedule, travel and work.

“Where am I supposed to find the time?  I have to plan my life around THEM just to make it work!”

Not with the Live More 90 Day Online Training Program!

It’s a flexible program that lets you get your fitness back on track without having to worry about “Showing Up On Time”.  You choose the BEST time to workout for YOU and get it in!

Live More adds to your life by focusing on YOUR unique fitness goals!

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Sidney Wilson's 90 Day Online Training
Actual 90 Day Client Results

$320.00 / month for 3 monthsJoin Now

*That’s Three Months At $80/Week – $240 SAVINGS!

  • Custom Workout Program
  • Tailored Nutritional Plan
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • 24/7 Email Coaching With Sidney 
  • One 30 Min. Phone Consultation Every Week

This program is specifically for those that truly want to change their physique and are serious about doing so.