DAMN! She was told to drink water for 24 hours and still got fired

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You’re going to be shocked when you hear about this one.

Although… I’ll be honest, I’m not surprised…

I talked about this in yesterdays’ email. If you missed it, you can go to my site in the articles section and catch up.

Here’s the quick recap – I told the story of the Borgata Babes. Cocktail waitresses in NJ who filed a lawsuit against their employer for weight discrimination, or so they claimed. I say claimed because of one HUGE, FAT, glaring point that everyone doesn’t want to admit to. The ‘babes’ signed a consent form that states they were getting hired as models for how their bodies looked at the time of employment. They just happen to serve drinks, food, etc as well. They agreed to the terms of their employment…

Maintaining their look within 7% of their weight when they got the job.

Not too skinny, not too fat – the right ‘fit’.

It baffles me how everyone is acting like it’s a:

Big shocker!


That company should be ashamed of themselves!

Yawn… They knew what they were getting into. It’s called business. You’re in the business of bodies. You were given a job, knew the terms ahead of time and then slacked off, neglecting the product and it doesn’t look good anymore.

In all fairness, I’m sure it still looks good, BUT

It sure doesn’t look the same and…

It doesn’t match what you sold them on.

Professional model Ulrikke Louise Lahn Høyer was hired by Louis Vuitton for these exact same reasons, and undoubtedly with the same general terms and conditions of employment.

Making HELLA fat stacks of cash!

Here’s a clip from her May 18th IG post about it, and man is it Fyckd!



I just returned from Tokyo/Japan, where Louis Vuitton held a beautiful cruise show in Kyoto, I just never made it to Kyoto cause I was canceled for the show due to being ‘too big’. (I’m a size 34-36) Ashley Brokaw’s caster Alexia had said that there had been some problems during the fitting. According to her I had “a very bloated stomach”, “bloated face”, and urged me to starve myself with this statement “Ulrikke needs to drink only water for the next 24 hours”. I was shocked when I heard it. I woke up at 2am and was extremely hungry. The breakfast started at 6:30am – I had the absolute minimum. I was afraid to meet Alexia so my luck she didn’t arrive until 8am, when my plate was taken off the table. She said good morning to me and the other girls and looked at me, then down on my non-existent plate and up at me again. She was checking if I had been eating food. At 7pm my mother agent from Denmark called my to tell the sad news that Louis Vuitton had chosen to cancel me from the show without the refitting and that I was going to be sent back home. Not only did I have a belly, my face was puffy now also my back was a problem. I am glad I’m 20 years old with an elite sports background and not a 15 year old girl, who are new to this and unsure about herself, because I have no doubt that I would then have ended up very sick and scarred long into my adult life. TO READ THE FULL STORY CLICK IN MY BIO!!!!!!! #LVCruise2018 #mistreatmentofmodels #AshleyBrokaw #thefutureisfemale #sowhyeatingdisorders #youknowitstrue #shareifyoucare #jamespscully

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I’m not blaming her, saying L.V. was proper with their decision, or that the poor thing should have to go through this kind of BS…

I will, however, say if you’re income, paycheck, livelihood depends on you looking a VERY specific way, don’t fyck it off and not treat your professional “FITNESS” like a business.

We’re talking about inches here, literally inches from calling a really bad day.

I for one will get my beautifully round arse cut loose faster than you can count to seven if I’m not 100% on top of it. No drinking water for 24 hours would cut it – EVER!

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