Don’t be shy, get un-comfortable girl

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Today we are gonna talk about your favorite subject, Instagram OR how my clients call it – Insta-sluting.
*Tongue in cheek of course :)*
Insta has done a lot for my business and a bunch of my clients as well. 
If you’re on my list of email subscribers, there’s a good chance you found me from one of my IG posts. 
Early on, in my Insta-hunk days, I posted lots of videos of myself doing what I still do now. 
Showing you how to get that model body you were born with – plus, I loooved the attention. 
As time went on, I changed the posts to show how my clients are making changes in their bodies instead of just myself. 
The results were AMAZING!
Not just in the engagement on social, but the transformations they were getting because of the videos. 
They pushed harder, became more focused, watching their form, with an unstoppable determination showing on their faces. 
It’s funny how we get serious when we know the world is watching. 
All because they were shy at first, but they got un-comfortable. 
What I’m getting at in saying un-comfortable is how it pushes away all the myths and traditional ways of what you believe by introducing a different ‘fast results’ focused approach, that’s not necessarily what you already know or are comfy with. 
When you get too comfortable, change, growth, activity, slows down to a snail’s pace. 
I got comfortable with my Insta…
And it’s time for yours truly to get un-comfortable and show the world how it’s done. 
I’ll be posting more pics and videos of myself for everyone to feast their eyes on the Dark Knight of Fitness.
All so you too can get a front seat on how I practice what I teach, but…
Reply to this email and ask me anything.
Tell me what exercises you’d like to see more of. 
Is there a specific “problem area” you’d like to take care of? 
Holla at me!
I’ll take to top requests and post about it.
If you’re like me and use The Instagrams for business or to stay connected with your crowd, don’t be shy, show your followers more of who you are behind the scenes. 
This applies whether you’re a fitpro, model, writer, plumber, whatever. 
DON’T be fake, just be you and the shyness will go away – it’s all in your head anyway. 
Share your story. The journey of life. 
Smile, be happy and get that pretty money maker the gift of health & fitness with the Live More 90Day Online Training program. 
Here’s the link, you know what to do. 
Get UN-Comfortable, Click-ity Click, Start Working Out Today and Post Up!
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson