Feeling like a squishy marshmallow and what to do about it

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Walking down the aisle of the grocery store, there they were. 
Delectable white plump cylinders of Tom Snackery. 
I grabbed the pack, cuz I just can’t help myself. 
Not for the reason you’re probably thinking either. 
I turn the package over to read what they put in these devilish little delights (it’s a good reminder of why you shouldn’t eat them). 
Three-quarters of the ingredients I can even pronounce, except ‘sugar’. 
As I’m reading, it never fails, some girl comes along wanting to strike up a conversation. 
Smiling, she says hi and says, “There’s no way you eat those and look that way” and she ain’t wrong.  
I explain she’s 100% correct. You can’t wash your unmentionables on abs like mine eating this kind of stuff. 🙂
Catching me off guard, she looked sad with thoughts of shame, quickly recovering with some humor. 
“Those things go right to my butt. Making it puffy like a marshmallow.”
I wasn’t going to leave her to her self-deprecating thoughts. She was nice and I was already scanning her body. 
It’s the thing that I do when I look at anyone, especially women. 
Let me clear the air a bit. I’m no perv, I’m a celebrity trainer. It’s what I do. I live, breathe, die, looking at your un-molded sack of flesh and see the Greek goddess hidden under the layers of past bad decisions. 
I asked if she had ever taken a Brazilian Butt-Lift Program. 
You guessed it! She thought about it, read articles, watched a couple of YouTube videos but left it there. 
Showing her a few quick moves, (I know, here I go in the grocery store lol) with tips on what she should put back from her cart and what she needed to grab from the produce section. 
Keep it simple, two servings of veggies with each meal.
Her face just lit up with the biggest of smiles – it made me feel pretty damn good TBO. 
Still, not all the way committed to change, she asked what to do when you have a crazy schedule. 
I told her the best thing she can do is to reward her new found commitment by signing up with a trainer that offers an online training program for at least 90 days – its gonna take that long, but you’ll see results in the first 4 weeks with this coach. 
The Live More 90 Day Online Training Program fits your schedule since you choose when to get your workouts in. Each week you’ll send me pictures of your progress so I can give you the best exercises for faster results. Your goals become my goals and I’m always an email away in case you find yourself staring at puffy treats. 
As an added bonus after you sign up, you can pick the Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge to tighten it all up and bounce a quarter off of it. Just email me. 
Lift yourself up right here www.sidneywilson.com/90Days
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson