Forgive me Sidney for I have sinned…

Sidney Wilson fitness article

You shouldn’t have done that

You definately know better

With all that ANY adult would disapprove of it

You don’t need my forgiveness

No need to pour out your soul to a high priest of some moral order, confessing your sins

Nor should you seek it from him, her, them – anyone

Forgiveness can only come from deep inside you if it’s going to stick

Lifting up you head 

Remembering who really are 

Grabbing your ballz – or Lady Ballz and sack up!

It’s not going to be quick

…and there will always be toxic negative people trying to bring it all back up to the top

Making it feel damn near impossible to move on

Moving in the direction you’ve long dreamt about

Move past the toxic ones

Not slowly either – Move and dismiss toxic people from your life with a quick ferocity

Yes, some are family or even kids that you can’t walk away from

But you, my fine friend, are the one in control of who you stand in front of

You are the one in control of who you listen to


Deciding to allow that kind of language to enter your ear holes

In control of what you let your eyes speak back into your mind with flakebook

Remove, Dismiss and Forgive yourself for whatever that evil thing that’s left it’s scar on you

Take control, free of another’s permission – grab a hold of it!

AND you should replace the “toxics” with someone who gets it, someone who has gone through some shyt too

You know who they are, they can be trusted – but…

When was the last time you’ve been around them, spoke to them 

Really talk WITH them, not some BS “I’m a bad friend” text, shorter than what you’d send to the pizza guy asking for directions

Get With It!  Show up for them, Show up for you

Still feel guilty? GOOD!  This is you FUEL

The FUEL that will drive your need to take control, and MOVE.

Use that pain, guilt, loss, SHAME into movement

Move those legs, move that arse off the couch, dismiss that pitty

The white knight ain’t comin’ princess…  I’m talking to YOU too ladies!

You need your group, your tribe, the clan of people that will be there and show up with you

The Dark Knight is always right were you saw me last

In the gym, on your phone, with “your peeps” GETTING IT IN

Right here, waiting, with the door open, ready for you to walk in

Without having to ask for permission or forgiveness

NOW that you’ve shed that dead skin film of toxicity, MOVE IT on over to the place where you’re going to be welcomed, appreciated and challenged to be the best damn YOU can be right here –

Sidney “Sid” Wilson