Lined up like cattle, off to the slaughter

Sidney Wilson fitness article

In the coming weeks, ranchers will start going through their herds in anticipation of the end of summer.

Preparations have already started, getting ready for the ‘Changing of the Venues’.

Cattle are brought out of their work pens, lining them up for inspection.

It’s a fast and brutal process.

Producers are spared, writing down their digits for future reference.

The ones that are deemed unfit, are dismissed – sent off to slaughter.

But… They aren’t out of the woods yet.

The ones that made the first cut are lined up again.

This time, looking for the prized Belle of the Ball.

Sure, there will be runner-ups in case the winner is busy with her duties.

Off to photo shoots, on set for commercials, sponsorships, opportunity on top of opportunity – even quoted to boost sales.

Pampered more than a new born baby, they will want for little, everything is done for them and given to them.

Like they say in the dairy biz, “Great cheese comes from happy cows”.

They know happiness produces an unbeatable product no matter how you dress it up.

Happiness breeds confidence and leads to an iconic presence in prized spokes… well, cow.

You’re not a cow, but the business you’re in, you’re going to get dismissed unless…

You’re ready!

You can already feel the change in the air.

Fall brings the most celebrated day of the year, Halloween with NYE right on its’ heels – flooding the industry with opportunities and MONEY.

Jump the line and make your way to the front by getting started right NOW! Prepare yourself to get your fair share of fresh cheddar, with the fitness training you need to win that coveted prize. It’s a lot easier to WIN when you feel happy, confident and looking like the money you should be making. Get that Money Maker ready for inspection and whip past the finish line of New Years, with my 90 Day Online Training Program right here

Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson