Why men don’t care about DDs

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Ever wonder why men stare?
They aren’t even slick about it either. 
Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…
It ain’t your Designer Duds. 
I know it’s a shocker – lol
But men just don’t care about YSL, Fendi, or them new ‘Jimmy’ Choo Choo’s you got for half off. 
They don’t care one bit. 
Neither should you. 
Let me peel back the cave man thought process for you
…and gents- you’re just as guilty, eye balling those new Nikes. 
Designers are only out for one thing, your money. They don’t care about you at all. They sure don’t care if they have to seduce you into believing men will fall over themselves when you slip them on.
Trying to tell you they’re ‘Power Pumps’… GTFOHWTBS! 
No one can deny a fine dressed woman will get a guys attention. 
But – Have you ever REALLY thought about what a man does once he looks past your designer clothes in under 2 seconds?
Their eyes will automatically scan right up to your calves, legs, butt, hips, waist and up we go. No mystery here. 
What’s happening is the cave man part of the brain is kicking in. I like to call those parts of the brain the ‘money maker motivator’ parts. 
Even if they like what they see, their peripheral vision is scanning for the next woman. It’s just a fact of life. 
How this affects you is understanding that, even if you are dressed to the 9s, you’re seconds away from being forgotten. 
This happens at work too. 
You can grab the attention of the room, briefly. 
Then, the scanning begins. 
How you get their eyes locked onto you like a horse with blinders on, starts with your body. 
I’m sure I’ll get plenty of grief for speaking the truth, but that’s what happens when you have the balls to say what’s really going on. 
You’ll get passed up for promotions, opportunities and yes you’ll make less money. 
You’re already spending ridiculous amounts of money on things that aren’t going to move your life forward. Like a drunk pirate, handing off way too much of your hard-earned treasure for another round of designer rum. 
Listen, if you want to grab what’s yours, get paid what you’re worth (or more) then you better get your body in check. Not just for looks either. Think about it. When you start gaining momentum, the demands on your body go up as well. You’ll need the energy of two people to keep up and be able to stash away the extra bounty. 
Investing in your body and your health can bring in the dough even if you’re covered in a bucket of mud. 
Everyone else is looking through your designer duds, and so should you. 
Online training is in full swing with those who have already joined for less than the price of a Chanel Clutch that ain’t gonna make your ass-ets look any better. 
I’ve got what you need with a Double Dose of fitness and nutrition. 90Days is all you need – Shopping Season for your employers starts in just a few weeks! Grab your Lady Balls, put the ‘Jimmy’ down and hop on the fast results train. 
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson