No whales or hippos allowed

Sidney Wilson fitness article

It was the furthest thing from my mind, but my ears heard it right…
Nightclub hosts are the unfiltered voice of the “good looks” Nazis. 
I don’t mean the crazy nut jobs you find plastered on every page of the net. 
More like the gatekeeper kind when you’re looking for the right opportunity to get in front of the “man” or “madam”. 
I honestly thought they looked good. They could use some time in the gym like the rest of us, but they weren’t hippos. 
The ladies felt, pissed, and who could blame them. Dude was a prick about it…
…and he has a job to do, just like you. 
I lingered around for a minute, seeing if I could catch his side of the story. 
A younger host, you could totally tell he was green, asked exactly what I was thinking. 
The veteran host, you can pick those guys out a block away, calmly said,
“Never go with a maybe, only pick a sure thing. It sucks to say that to them. Now, IF they were in shape – in they go. Bodies over beauty brotha.”
As harsh as it sounds, it does make a lot of sense. 
Back in my early days of completion, I remember getting passed up for this straight up fugly dude. I mean he most definitely put the fugh in fugly. 
But standing next to me, he made me look like a scrawny 10-year-old boy. 
That’s the body business for ya. 
It’s also the real life biz for everyday people. 
Whether it’s work, family, relationships, even your kids – if you’ve got the body, you’ll get the attention. 
Everyone likes a sure thing. When you’re fit, if anything else, you’re a sure thing for:
People will use phrases like these to describe you:
They got their shhite together
Knows what they want
A real “Go Getter”
That’s what I’m talking about – THEM!
People are attracted to you way more than you think just by your fitness, and you how you choose to live. 
Not to mention the people that can offer new, better and a hell of a lot more lucrative opportunities…
…are always on the hunt for the Whale, someone in great shape that can bring in the barrels of cash!
Who would you pick?
The answer is more obvious than you’d guess – pick you!
It takes less than 30 days to feel the improvements in your health, focus, and energy. 
By 60 days your disciple is in place, revving up your confidence, getting your shhite together and a clear picture of what you want will emerge. 
Going into your 90th day, nothing will hold you back, inspiring not just other people but yourself as well. 
There is a draw back. People will be talking about you. Except for this time, there probably won’t be any references to marine animals. 
Get your Whale on with the Live More 90 Day Online Training Program and hook more opportunities with the right bait. 
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson