Sorry. You’re too fat and way too skinny

Sidney Wilson fitness article

Looking back to when you first signed the consent form and ‘got the job’, it wasn’t an issue.

There was no way you’d ever be on the receiving end of staff snorting like a pig as you walked by.

Nope! You were just the right “fit” for the position.

As slick as they think they are, you knew exactly what they were getting at, giving you the title of “costumed beverage server”.

You had nothing to worry about.

There was no way you’d gain 7% of your current weight.

Like, really… 7% is a lot, right?

You sure weren’t going to drop below 7%.

You had nothing to worry about…

Until you get those not so friendly smart ass comments.

They’re innocent enough in the beginning.

Asking if you’ve had enough water today.

Sounding helpful by suggesting you loosen your outfit a bit.

Then it escalates quicker than a guy at the bar, snapping his fingers demanding another round.

Did you get knocked up?

Time to do some squats Chika!

It’s brutal. Your instinct is to tell them to kick rocks – forgetting about the piece of paper you signed.

…and it’s totally legal for them to fire you.

That was the answer a Judge gave when he ruled against “Borgata Babes” in NJ.

It happens more often here in Vegas.

Oh, and don’t think you’re immune from being handed a pink slip cuz you’re not in ‘that’ biz or you don’t live in Sin City.

If you’ve been hired for a certain look and you don’t maintain the product, your body, you’re out.

Right, wrong, whatever, they will find a way and you’re done.

It doesn’t happen by accident or by drawing that unlucky number 7% out of a hat.

You let your emotions get the better of you when they suggested you hit the gym.

Telling yourself ‘I don’t care what they think’ is the wrong answer.

You’d better care if you want to keep getting paid.

Instead of getting pissed and mad at stupid remarks, do something about it. Don’t let it get out of control.

Look! No one controls your life or your body for that matter. You do. So, either grab the wheel or keep barreling down the road – throwing your hands in the air yelling “I don’t care”.

Do you really want to have to go through trying to argue your case?

Desperately man-splaining, that you’re a hard worker, people love you, always on time, yada-yada-yada?

Only to find yourself walking down the long dark hall with some door knob of a douche saying “I tried to tell you…”

I know you don’t.

I don’t want you to go through that crap either.

Get a plan in place BEFORE they go through their daily checklist. (BTW, that clipboard isn’t just for inventory counts).

Your plan should be designed for fast results, the results they are expecting and judging you on. A plan tailored to your body type including specific workouts to bring out why you got hired in the first place.

A plan by itself unless you stick to it. Consistency is key. You’ve got to stay consistent to maintain that healthy look.

This is why I reward my clients who sign up for longer programs. When you commit to investing in what’s going to keep the paychecks rolling in – I reward you with the best rate.

All the details for my Live More 90 Day Online Training Program are right here

P.S. You won’t care about how they make you feel once you join… you’ll be too focused on how amazing you feel!

Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson