Are you sporting a waffle bottom?

Sidney Wilson fitness article

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but you know you’re sporting that tread down there.
Looking like it got hit with a man hole cover in the baking hot sun.
What you probably don’t know is how it even happened.  It started in the kitchen and launched one of the biggest brands in history.
I’m talking about NIKE!
Here’s the history of the waffle bottom shoe line that changed the sneaker industry, forever.
Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman was a track and field coach who also made running shoes that were, okay…
He was looking for a way to make his shoes lighter and faster for his customers.
One morning at breakfast he saw the waffle iron his wife was using in the kitchen, was a perfect mold for his running shoes.
He found the missing secret ingredient, the one thing that would give people the extra edge – TRACTION.  
The waffle mold created a better sole for the shoes that gripped the track.
People bought his shoes because they worked better than the rest, allowing not just athletes… but everyone to not worry about slipping and JUST DO IT!
…and so it is in your life. Getting on board with the right Online Training Program will give you better traction, that EDGE you’re looking for.  Allowing you to be worry free and focus on working out. You too can ‘just do it’ without the fear of slipping.  
Now, to get the BEST traction, you need your own uniquely tailored workout plan, so it’s just the right fit – for you!
Packaged up with nutritional, easy as pie meal plans and supplement recommendations to make sure your firing on all cylinders.
But it doesn’t stop there.
You need a good coach, just like people that wear Nikes. The shoes aren’t going to run for you. You have to put in the work. As your fitness trainer, it’s my job to help you, push you, and do all the thinking for you. This is exactly what my Live More 90Day Online Fitness Training program will do for you! 
The hardest part is deciding to start now. Not tomorrow, next week, after summer, start right NOW.
Everything that comes next will not only be easier but you just ‘might’ have a lot of fun along the way. (lol)
Lighter, faster and running right past your competition.
Don’t waffle about it, the Live More 90Day Online Training Program is filling up fast. Get off the bench and claim your body already!
Sidney ‘Sid’ Wilson